In 1984, brother and sister Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg began their big adventure with the Coffeeshop “Future” near the Central Station in Amsterdam. At that time, the Future Coffee Shop was the place to be in Amsterdam. In 1989, they started the family business “Future Bags” a wholesale company specializing in the import and distribution of coffee shop accessories. Evert and Yvonne opened another Future Coffee Shop in Osodorp in 1991 and a Cafe in 1998.


In 1996, Evert and Yvonne launched Futurola, developing and creating high quality products made of sustainable material for the smoking industry. Like their other businesses, Futurola quickly became renowned for its quality products, innovation, good service, and professionalism. Now, 25 years later, Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg are still at the helm of Futurola and excited about sharing their passion for great products and service with the rest of the world. Futurola is represented in the USA by L.A. Futurola, LLC.